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Win 10x More Projects With ARCHLine.XP's Highly Flexible & Powerful Design Tools! Plus, No Subscriptions Means You Can Cut Your Overhead and Save $5,698.

BUSINESS BOOSTER PACK: Get ARCHLine.XP (6 Months) + 6 Months Free CAD Support + 2 Free Training Sessions + Tutorial Hub For Just $595 + GST!

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$595 + GST
  • ARCHLine.XP Pro (6 Month License): This Comprehensive but Simple CAD Software Helps You Complete Any Project Fast (Architecture & Interiors). ARCHLine.XP Contains a Simplified Yet Highly Efficient Tool-set to Save Time and Get a Higher ROI. 
  • 6 Months Free CAD Support: We are Here Everyday To Support You. You Have A Problem, We Help You Directly. Highly Responsive & Effective CAD Support. Less Headaches = Faster Production.
  • 2 FREE Training Sessions: To Get You Hitting the Floor Running, In Our One-on-One Sessions, We Will Teach You How to Put Together a Building Together in A Few Hours.
  • ARCHLine.XP Tutorial Hub: Free Access To Course Content, Training Manuals and Step-by-Step Video Tutorials to Fast-Forward Your Learning.



30 DAY Money-Back Guarantee

This package won't work if you don't work. But if for some reason you aren't on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund! This is how much we believe in our product.

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.
The Most Flexible Design Software on the Market
Introducing ARCHLine.XP Professional
With the ARCHLine.XP software there to act as your "implementation tool" you will be able to create amazingly accurate and jaw-dropping designs that will sell your ideas quickly.

As an all-in-one tool for design, drawing on advanced European technology, ARCHLine.XP proves to be the most powerful and flexible design software on the market.
Bringing Together Architecture & Interior Design
ARCHLine.XP contains highly specific tools for multiple design industries. For architecture, ARCHLine.XP contains all the structural, design and documentation elements that you need without sacrificing functionality.

For interior design, ARCHLine.XP contains tools for detailed design, ornamentation, tiling, kitchen design and bathroom fit-outs. With ARCHLine.XP you'll feel like you're flying.
Build On Your Existing Skills
What A Few of Our Users are Saying...
Nicholas Sunderland
NS Interiors, London 
"I have used the software since 2009 and over the years has helped win some very important clients. It allows me to present my work in a very high standard, easily and efficiently…"
Krisztina Szilagyine
Kristina Art Interiors, Hungary 
"In 2017, I graduated from the School of Interior Design with praise from my teacher and president, and passed the Basic ARCHLine.XP Design Exam, which was complemented by advanced design knowledge.
All this is very important to me, because this way I can meet all the needs of the customers. I am a perfectionist, I like high quality furniture, I like to design for the long term!""
Gabor Scholtz
Architect, Austria
" During the design process, we use ARCHLine.XP to do the implementation budgeting whenever the drafts are modified, this way the budget can be tracked from the get-go, and I firmly believe that this is the reason why more than 200 houses I have planned have all been built, too."
Ellie Hughes
Designer Touches, London
“We use ARCHLine.XP for every project and all our clients see the benefits. I believe it has been a good investment for our company… it enabled us to show our clients the difference it would make.”
Monika Bona
BOMO Interiors, Hungary 
"I’ve prepared the documentation – demolition, construction, suspended ceiling, electrical plans, wall elevations and mood boards with ARCHLine.XP, a platform I got to know around the beginning of this year, and which I have been using for my work ever since… my work has become much faster and far more accurate!"
Doro Judit
Doro Judit Design Studio, Hungary 
" I quickly found that ARCHLine.XP was extremely user friendly and a joy to learn but also because it comes with a built in facility to create exceptionally accurate visuals, and you can quickly see your ideas come to life. ARCHLine.XP's amazing features have totally transformed our business and would likely continue to bring new opportunities!"
Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
  • Do I Have To Be An Expert?
Luckily this package is designed to work for those already in the game looking to take their business & designs to the next level, but it also is laid out to help those who are ready to take what they already know, impact others and enter the renovation industry for the first time. 
  • I've Never Heard of ARCHLine.XP. Why Does it Matter?
ARCHLine.XP is fairly new to Australia and unless you’ve been working overseas, especially in Europe you may not have had time to research the most popular design products outside your connected circle. Most people don’t even look or have time to look. That’s what we do on your behalf. We want Australians to stay updated on new technology, so we don’t get left behind. It's important to be aware of technological advancements around the world to be able to stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Do I Have To Be Very Computer Literate? What If I Don't Have Time To Learn It.
You’re not alone… Most designers feel the same way. However, if you were using this software, you’d have more time and you don’t need to be a computer nerd to use it or even master it. ARCHLine.XP has simplified all the tasks you need the most, without sacrificing functionality. In fact, it is specifically designed for what you do. Also, by having a single product that does everything you need it to, rather than a whole range of separate programs you only have to learn one. It’s a huge time saver. I personally, (along with our support team and online videos) will help you learn and master the software… It’s what we do. We’ve been doing it for more than 30 years! 
  • Do I Have To Be A CAD Expert?
It's common nowadays to compare everything to past experiences. Everyone likes to make you believe you have to be this sort of tech genius to be good at CAD, and it’s not true at all. You don’t need over-complicated tools that make your life hard. What you need is a simple and easy to use software with the right amount of functionality.  ARCHLine.XP means that even someone who’s not an expert can easily learn CAD. All our free training tutorials and one-on-one training is self-paced so we can make it very easy for you to learn our software quickly.  
  • Do I Have To Give Up My Existing Tools/Software?
We fully understand that even positive change is challenging, so we don’t suggest you abandon everything you currently do over night.
Just ease yourself into the new tools and when you are fully satisfied then you can immerse yourself in all the benefits it has to offer.
We have a 30-day money back guarantee, to see if ARCHLine.XP works for you. If not that’s okay too. But unless you try it out for real, you’ll never know.
ARCHLine.XP, ‘plays well’ with your existing tools like Revit, Sketchup, AutoCAD, Lumion and many more and can replace these if you desire. It even uses all their libraries. Remember, ARCHLine.XP is made for interior design and it solves problems many designers face with traditional CAD software that is better suited to engineers.
  • Why Should I Trust Your Opinion?
It is vitally important that we give you well researched information and top-level support… (My future career relies on being 100% up front and accurate). This continuous level of trust is how CAD International has been in this business longer than any other in Australia. Also, to set your mind at complete ease we offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.  We’re not just wanting to sell software. We have a long-term commitment to the design industry to help it grow. As it grows and improves so too do, we… 

Absolute Satisfaction Warranty
ARCHLine.XP is already proven with hundreds of testimonials in such a short period of time. However, if you're still unsure about joining, we offer a full 30-day money back warranty. Try the package and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 30-days and we'll take care of that for you!
EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: We don't believe in "get rich" programs - only in hard work, adding value, and serving others with excellence and consistency. Our package is intended to help you create better designs and tap into a niche industry, making a greater impact as adesigner. Being successful with this package takes hard work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. *Statements contained here were made by individuals who participated in our training & software packages. CAD International did not pay any consideration for these statements.

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